Why is Baby Wool Different?

There are many types of baby wool for when knitting a pattern for a baby with a huge range of wool weights, wool textures and most of these wools are machine washable. When choosing baby wool however, it is a good idea to check that the wool you are buying does say it has been specifically created for babies for a number of reasons.

Baby Wool Textures

Baby wool is softer and less fibrous than other wools and this means that the baby wool doesn’t have lots of loose fibres that the baby could end up ingesting. Baby wool is usually soft which knits up perfectly into clothes and blankets for their delicate skin. If you can, have a look for organic versions of the wool and those that contain non-metallic dyes to be extra safe with the baby wools that you buy.

There are 100% wool versions of baby wool, cotton and wool mixes and acrylic baby wools. If you have the chance to go to a shop to feel the wool before you buy, do so, particularly if you are buying an acrylic baby wool. There are plenty of good quality acrylic baby wools out there but you might want to feel the wools first to check it isn’t scratchy.

Merino Baby Wools

There are a number of merino baby wools that are perfect for knitting something soft and luxurious for baby. Drops Baby Merino wool is super soft, it is made from free-range animals in South Africa and South America and is 100% wool. It is superwash treated which means that it is easy care and can be machine washed making it a great long-lasting choice for knitting for babies.

baby wool

The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino baby wools are lovely and soft and are machine washable with plenty of patterns for babies specifically for using Debbie Bliss. The wool comes in a number of weights including the Cashmerino Aran yarn and a hand knitting yarn perfect for baby soft projects. Both Sublime, Rowan (Cashsoft for babies) and Artisan have good quality merino wools perfect for knitting for babies.

100% Wool Baby Yarns

baby wool When buying baby wool – if you are looking for 100% wool, you don’t just have to buy merino. There are other 100% wool brands that are just as good and not quite the same price. Both Patons (Dreamtime) and Rowan have 100% wools which aren’t as costly as merino wools.

Acrylic Baby Wools

If your budget can’t quite stretch to merino wools, or you want something very versatile and easy care, then there are some very good quality baby acrylic wools out there. Paton’s Fairytale which comes in a 4ply wool and a 3ply wool as well as a double knit wool. You can also buy a book of patterns created especially for this wool to really make the most of it. Both Patons and Sirdar Snuggly including the Sirdar Snuggly Crofter which comes in beautiful and unusual colours are very good quality, inexpensive acrylic wools which don’t feel scratchy to the skin. baby wool

Cotton Wool Mix Yarns

baby wool Cotton and wool mix yarns are great for washing up well and not bobbling – perfect for baby knitting projects. Amy Butler’s yarns for Rowan wool are organic wools of a wool and cotton mix of 50/50 and are very good soft wools but you may need to check whether these can be used for baby knit patterns before using this wool. We would suggest avoiding cotton as it can take a long time to dry out after washing and can be heavy. In a lot of cases the cotton blankets aren’t as warm as wool. If you are knitting for a summer baby, Sirdar do a bamboo wool which may suit you perfectly.

Washing Baby Wool

Most acrylic baby wools are washable, and in fact so are the 100% wools or the excellent quality merino wools. Look for labels on the wool that say machine washable – if it says super washable – even better as it can be put in the machine on a low temperature. Washability is essential for baby knits, particularly as they need washing so often.