Cable Knit Knitted Cushion Patterns

There are several ways you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior spaces and one way that we love is through the use of knitted cushions. Knitted cushions are considered an ideal approach to improving the overall appeal of your living and bedroom areas since the pillows are available in a wide range of patterns. It might be even more interesting to know that you can adopt a do it yourself approach whereby you can actually knit your own cushions. Here is a brief overview of knitting for beginners that will hopefully enable you to get going with knitting your own cushions.

Knitted cushion patterns

There are several cushion patterns that you can use and all feature intricately beautiful designs. Some of the patterns that you can choose from include: domino cushion patterns, aran cushion patterns and cable knit patterns.

We love cable knit cushion patterns and have picked out some of our favourites

Bonus Aran Tweed Cushion Knitting Patterncushion cover pattern cable knit owls

Best types of yarn to use for knitted cushions

In order to knit a good cushion, you must carefully select the right type of yarn. The yarn material plays a significant role as far as the overall appearance and functionality of the pillow is concerned. The yarn will determine the overall feel of the pillow and in turn also determine the overall comfort and coziness. The selection of yarn should be informed by the type of pattern you go for. Some of the available patterns include the baby weight yarn that is mostly suitable for pillows that require a fine touch finishing. In addition to the baby yarn, you can also opt for the sports yarn. Unlike the baby weight, the sports yarn is much heavier and can be used with a much wider variety of patterns making it an ideal choice for most knitted pillows. The third type of yarn that can be used is the double knit yarn commonly referred to as DK. The DK is produced in Europe and is one of the most common yarns out there. It borders on the weighty side – a medium weight and can thus be employed in a wide variety of pillows.

Best type of knitting stitch to use for beginners

The type of knitting stitch will not only determine the overall aesthetic appeal of your pillow but also its durability. One of the most preferred knitting stitches to use is the seed stitch. The seed stitch combines stitches and purls in an intricate fashion that will result in an extremely good looking knitted pillow. In addition to the seed stitch, you can also use Moss stitch. This stitching style also features several purls and stitches that interlock with another and the overall result is also quite pleasant.