Knitting for Beginners

Knitting with wool and yarns is no longer a pastime of the elderly or just a means to an end of making jumpers. Knitting has become popular amongst all ages from the very young, to the very old. It is a relaxing hobby that gives the knitter a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when they have created something perfect, whether it is a knitted scarf, a knitted baby cardigan, aorwhether they are knitting a baby blanket, or fun knitted gift projects or even baby booties.

Knitting Patterns for Beginners

There are knitting patterns that cover almost every item of clothing you can think of and many accessories including knitted stuffed toys, bedspreads, snuggly toys, winter socks and knitted beanie hats.

Knitting Yarns and Wools

Knitting yarns come in many different weights, textures and colours and those range from light sock weighted yarns for delicate projects, medium worsted weight yarns, aran weight yarns, pretty baby wools and right up to super chunky wools for big projects such as thick chunky blankets and scarves. Wools can be easy care acrylic wools or they can be cashmere wools, merino wools and cotton blends – it all depends upon the type of project you want to take on. The choice is endless.

Knitting Needles for Beginners

As a beginner starting out knitting you can either choose to buy yourself a set of knitting needles or you can select the project first and then purchase only the needles needed. There are plenty of types of knitting needles to choose from and the ones that suit you the best will be according to your knitting style. If you are a tight knitter then you may find theĀ bamboo needles easier to use than the metal knitting needles as the needles can be smoother and more slippy when picking the stitch off the needle. If you like to rest the needles in the crook of your arms as you knit, then you may prefer to buy a longer length knitting needle than the standard sizes.