What is Aran Wool?

When you think of Aran wool you often think of the Aran sweater – originating in the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway. The actual patterns on Aran jumpers used to signify which clan the fishermen were members of and the knitting stitches that you can see on the jumpers were instantly recognisable by their clan. There are a huge amount of patterns using Aran wool and also patterns using the original Aran jumper style.

Traditional Aran Wool

Aran wool traditionally comes in creams or an off-white colour, however these days you can buy aran wool in a huge array of colours. The weight is probably closest to a heavy Worsted wool and can be used to knit any patterns that require a heavier weight wool. You can find many patterns for Aran jumpers – both complex and simple. The traditional patterns do tend to involve a lot of cabling  – particularly a raised cable stitch and twists and diamond shapes, but there are simpler versions available.

Aran Weight Wool

aran wool Aran weight wool is a term used on many patterns and refers to any kind of yarn that is of a heavy worsted weight. This means is in the top end of the worsted weight yarn category. It can be made from any fibre such wool or acrylic. Aran weight yarns are ideal for any number of knitting projects that require a heavier medium weight or worsted weight yarn. Be careful to adjust your gauge if you are knitting with aran weight yarn on a pattern that requires a worsted weight yarn as it may be slightly heavier throwing off your gauge. Aran weight yarns come in both mix acrylic and wool blends and 100% aran wool.