What is Worsted Weight Wool?

Worsted weight yarn – what actually is it? You have seen it on many knitting patterns, but looked for it in the shops and online and every wool brand seems to come up with different types of knitting wools and yarns. So how do you know which worsted weight wool to choose and what will work best for your pattern?

Worsted Weight Yarn

Worsted weight yarn falls under the category of medium weight yarn. When you refer to The Craft Yarn council the worsted weight yarn is under category four alongside an Afghan wool or an Aran wool although aran wool is a little heavier than a medium worsted weight yarn. Category four makes the worsted weight yarn lighter than a chunky wool but heavier than a double knit wool. A light worsted weight yarn falls under category three alongside double knit wool.

What is the Knit Gauge Range for Worsted Weight Yarn?

The knit gauge range for a worsted weight wool is measured using stockinette stitch on a square of 4 inches. A knitted square of 4 inches should contain between 16 – 20 stitches for a medium weight worsted yarn. For a light weight worsted yarn the stitch gauge for four inches is between 21 – 24 stitches.

Which Size Knitting Needles Should I Use with Worsted Weight Yarn?

Most knitting patterns will come with a guide as to the weight of yarn you should use, the stitch gauge and also the needles that should be used. Stick to the needles and yarns suggested on the knitting pattern so that your knitting project turns out as specified.

If you are creating your own knitting project the size knitting needles you need to use with worsted weight yarn, the recommended metric size is 4.5 Р5.5 mm knitting needles. In US needle size a metric size 4.5mm Р5.5mm knitting needle is a size 7 to 9. If you are using a light worsted yarn then you should use a metric size 3.75 Р4.5 mm knitting needles.